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We have worked with a variety of companies, churches, non-profits and universities, healthcare to corporate as well as energy and industrial  sectors  

“Any organization that wants to use the language of today needs to work with someone like Don from Wolfmediapro"


“The stories that were told and recorded in the field went a long way to help get our message out and get the funding we needed from our sponsors"

Samantha Jones, Project Manager​​​

Damon Covert, Principle 8 Ministries 

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“Lots of creative ideas and quality stuff, can't wait to collaborate on our next project"

Paul Goodman, Pastor GCAC 

Don Wolf - Principal

Experienced technical communications / writing professional with extensive knowledge  in working with Non-Profit agencies across the world helping to promote their programs and thus increasing awareness and financial funding. A good resource for local churches that would like to use video media as a part of their programs. Videography and story telling is a specialty and  I have creative skills and have traveled extensively with a passion to do Kingdom work.